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Top Destinations in Cyprus for a Late Summer Trip
Are you upset that summer is already ending? Don’t be! There are still countries you can visit in September, October and November that have a long summer (sometimes lasting until mid-November). For example, Cyprus! Read on to learn about the top destinations in Cyprus for a late summer holiday ...

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Top 10 Outdoor Activities in Turkey
Before summer comes to an end, there are many outdoor activities you should check out during your holiday in Turkey. Whether you’re looking for an exciting adventure, an activity to reconnect with nature or just a once in a lifetime experience, these top outdoor activities in Turkey can be rig ...

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How to Travel Safely During COVID-19?
Are you travelling soon and wondering if it’s safe to go on holiday and travel abroad during COVID-19? The UK government advises against “all but essential” international travel to certain countries, but there are exceptions. The list is updated daily on the government’s webs ...

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Best All-Inclusive Hotels in Antalya For Families
As international travel starts to revive, holidaymakers are looking for safe, risk-free and budget-friendly holiday options abroad. Turkey and especially Antalya is well-known as a family holiday destination, with a variety of hotels providing entertainment for kids, delicious fresh food made daily, ...

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Safest Destinations to Travel in Summer 2020
What are the safest countries to travel to this summer? It’s the question on everyone’s mind as the pandemic is still threatening people’s lives and disrupting international travel. While that’s the case, most countries opened their borders as of June, as well as non-essentia ...

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The First Ever Direct Flight to Kahramanmaraş
We arranged the first ever direct flight from London Stansted Airport to Kahramanmaraş Airport thanks to our team’s dedicated efforts. The charter flight left London on the 3rd of July at 12:30 and arrived at Kahramanmaraş at 17:55.We are proud to have succeeded in getting over 170 expats to t ...

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Top Weekend Getaways from London for Nature Lovers
As summer passes by, travel lovers around the world are finding it difficult to stay put. However, Covid is unfortunately still a real threat. So, from the 4th of July, while everyone is rushing to the beaches, you can avoid the crowds by catching some sun in nature and strolling around the best Eng ...

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The Ultimate Summer Road Trip Itinerary for Turkey
Are you planning the ultimate summer road trip? If you would like to do a road trip across Turkey, make sure to check out all the destinations we listed on this itinerary; which includes some spots undiscovered by tourists.A road trip is the perfect vacation idea for travelling with family or a grou ...

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We Successfully Arranged Charter Flights to Turkey
On the 3rd of June, Right Holidays team went to the airport to see off 189 passengers that were scheduled to fly to Adana from London Stansted Airport. The SunExpress flight - that landed in Adana Şakirpaşa Airport at 19:50 - was the first direct Adana flight during these unprecedented times.We have ...

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How to Get an e-Visa for Turkey
Certain countries’ citizens need a visa to enter Turkey. Before 2014, tourists visiting Turkey had to queue at the airport for a ‘sticker visa’. Now you can apply for your tourist visa online; it’s a quick, easy and efficient process that you can complete under 5 minutes.You ...

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Best Nature Holidays in Turkey
Turkey has seen the number of tourists increase each year. Last year, it welcomed 51.9 million visitors from around the world. Tourists love Turkey for a good reason. Nothing brings more joy to the people of Turkey than providing great hospitality and making sure every need of their guest is met.So ...

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Best Places to Go in September in Turkey
If you are wondering where to go on holiday in September in Turkey for a beach holiday, you are in the right place. The weather in Turkey in September is still fairly hot and the resorts are much less crowded, which makes it the perfect time. Beach holidays in Turkey are reasonably priced and most r ...

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Explore Different Regions of Turkey Through Food
Turkish cuisine is well known for dishes such as kebab, doner, pide (or Turkish pizza), and abundant breakfast feasts, but you only see so much of its richness on Instagram stories.Given Turkey’s history and the diverse cultures it contains, it’s no surprise that there is more to the foo ...

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What Does an ATOL Protected Holiday Mean?
What is ATOL?ATOL (Air Travel Organiser’s Licence) is a financial protection scheme backed by the UK Government that protects most flight inclusive package holidays sold by UK based travel businesses. ATOL might protect some flight-only holidays as well, if you don’t receive a plane tick ...

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Best Travel Programmes You Can Watch Online Today
Covid-19 is changing our daily lives throughout the world. Billions of people are stuck home or unable to travel back to their home countries, let alone travel for leisure. Travel is one of the biggest passions people share, but it’s unclear when and if everything will go back to normal.Howeve ...

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Best Virtual Travel Experiences to Enjoy
Most of the countries have shut down their borders or paused international travel due to the new coronavirus. However, there are still ways to travel in the comfort of your own house. All you need is a strong internet connection.We listed the top virtual travel experiences you can enjoy online. If y ...

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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Right Holidays
Although for many young people apps and websites such as Skyscanner and are the go-to resources when making holiday plans, these trying times when a disease is spreading globally and causing panic show how important travel agents can be.The main reason for this is how overwhelmed airline ...

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Coronavirus Travel Advice
Coronavirus continues to cause disruption in business, most prominently for the tourism and aviation sectors. The novel virus spread from a ‘wet market’ in Wuhan, China quickly, affecting 15 countries today and causing global panic. The virus doesn’t seem to have a high mortality r ...

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Festivals You Can Go To in Turkey in 2020
Are you looking to get more from your holiday in Turkey? Why not book tickets to the many music, film and culture festivals taking place this year!Artists and musicians around the world come to Turkey every year to connect with their fans and perform in festivals. Whether you are looking to join a b ...

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Book your Flights to Turkey for Summer 2020
Turkish Airlines launches direct flights to Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport from London Stansted Airport from March 29th. Turkish Airlines brand Anadolu Jet’s planes will be flying to Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport daily, allowing passengers to connect to their transit f ...

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Top Things to Do in the Aegean Coast of Turkey
Turkey’s southern Turquoise coast is still better known than the Aegean Coast, but the latter is the better option for those who like surfing and other water sports. The Aegean Coast of Turkey is also only a few sea miles away from Greece and it’s possible to travel between the two sun-s ...

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Where to Go Wine Tasting in Turkey
We know what you are thinking, why go wine tasting in Turkey when you can go to France or Italy? However, you should know that Turkey’s beautiful Aegean coast is home to incredible vineyards and consequently, you can taste different types of delicious and rich wines. After all, Greeks and Roma ...

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How to Rent a Car in Turkey
Renting a car in Turkey is a good idea depending on how much driving experience you have and the destinations you would like to visit. It is usually easier to drive between coastal towns than driving in big cities, as big cities tend to have impatient drivers and driving according to the rules is no ...

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7 Guided Tours in Istanbul You Should Take
Istanbul is a huge city, and like any metropolis, you need at least 5 days to explore the best it has to offer. You can divide your days to visit 1 or 2 neighbourhoods a day, and this would allow you to avoid wasting your time on transportation since you can walk between the neighbourhoods.We prepar ...

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Cheap Flight Deals from London in December
You can find cheap flight deals from London to Europe all year round but when Christmas is approaching, you need to act fast! So we gathered the best destinations with cheap flight deals in December.Whether you are travelling solo or with loved ones, you should plan a spontaneous trip to the followi ...

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Top 10 Winter Destinations in Turkey
Turkey is not generally considered a winter holiday destination as it’s most famous for the magical turquoise coast. However, Turkey experiences all seasons and certain parts of the country look even better covered with snow, not to mention the opportunity to avoid the tourist crowds. Dependin ...

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Travel Guide to Turkey’s Black Sea Coast
Turkey’s Black Sea (or Karadeniz) Coast is where misty landscapes of monasteries, mountains and lakes meet the colourful village houses. People of Karadeniz have that strong Anatolian character and the music and cuisine to show for it.In Karadeniz, when you are tired from hiking along the beau ...

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Best Honeymoon Destinations in Turkey
We know that after the hassle of the engagement and the wedding, you need a break. All you want to do is to be with your partner in a place that looks like heaven on earth. As Right Holidays, we are here to make sure you get the best deals for your honeymoon in Turkey.If you are flying from the UK t ...

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Top 10 Holiday Ideas for Turkey
Holidays in Turkey are mainly associated with beach holidays, but Turkey is amongst the biggest countries that have land in Europe and there is much more to it than the beaches (although the beaches are amazing).If you want to visit Turkey but you don’t know where to begin, you can read more o ...

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A local's travel guide to Istanbul
First time travelling to a big city where you don’t speak the language can be intimidating, but Turkish people are well known for communicating with their hands, gestures and very frequently, çay (tea).But if you are ambitious about saying more than Hello (Merhaba) and Goodbye (Gül ...

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Best Airline Companies that Fly to Turkey
Flights to Turkey from the UK take 4 to 6 hours depending on where you are flying from to where you would like to go. In the UK, most direct flights to Turkey depart from big cities including; London, Manchester, Edinburgh, and Birmingham.Popular destinations in Turkey are Istanbul, Izmir, Dalaman, ...

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Top 10 Beaches near Antalya
When you visitAntalya, it’s a good idea to stay at an all-inclusive hotel where everything is within your reach; the beach, the restaurant, the bar. If you like to discover the best beaches in Antalya, you should think about renting a car. Public transport can be challenging with family but th ...

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How to Choose the Right Travel Agency
When it comes to planning a long-awaited holiday, you don’t want to go wrong and end up paying for a holiday you will not enjoy. A travel agency has to be trusted and accredited, where dedicated professionals know exactly what you kind of holiday you want and how much you should be paying for ...

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15 Essential Turkish Phrases for Travellers
Turkish people love to hear foreigners speak Turkish, and are often pleasantly surprised so they may end up treating you to some gifts (possibly food). So, if you do enjoy interacting with locals and learning new languages, read below for 15 essential Turkish phrases before you travel to Turkey.If y ...

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How To Get A Passport For Your Child
Even newborns need a passport to get in and out of the country. In order to make sure your holiday goes as smoothly as possible, we would advise you to arrange your child’s passport at least 2 months before you travel. In this article, we’re going to give you tips on how to get a passpor ...

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Top 10 Travel Destinations in Turkey
Turks are most well known for their hospitality so wherever you go inTurkey, you’ll be in good hands. Although the political climate paints an unstable picture, tourism is very important for Turkey’s economy and it’s not in a position to be jeopardised. So pack your bags and get re ...

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Offering Better Flight Deals to Our Customers
As Right Holidays, we work closely with airlines to make sure our customers can get the best deals ahead of time. Beginning in July 1st this year, we will be offering our guests better flight deals from London to Turkey and Ercan with Turkish Airlines.On top of the better flight deals, our customers ...

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Bringing Goods into the UK from Turkey
Upon your return to the UK from Turkey, customs might randomly stop you to check your luggage for restricted and banned goods. It’s really important for you to know your rights and allowance to avoid buying something you will not be able to bring into the UK. In some cases, you might even get ...

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Tips on Traveling to Turkey by Car
Travelling to Turkey by car can be a long but fun experience. If you are planning a road trip to Turkey, you need to carefully prepare your car for the road, as well as yourself. You can drive to Turkey via Bulgaria, Italy or Greece. If you drive through Italy and Greece, you will need to take a fer ...

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We were at the world's leading travel trade show
The 52nd of the world's leading travel trade show was held in Berlin between 7-11 March and as Right Holidays, we joined 160,000 visitors and 10,000 exhibitors to grow our network, keep up with advancements and news in the industry. For those of you who may not know, ITB Berlin is the world&rsqu ...

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Pegasus Airlines Stansted - Ercan Flights
BirleşikKrallık’ın ilgili otoritelerince yayınlanan deklarasyona göre; 1 Haziran 2017 tarihinden itibaren Ercan – Londra Stansted – Ercan uçuşlarımızda seyahat eden misafirlerimiz, İstanbul Sabiha Gökçen ve İzmir Adnan Menderes Havalimanlarında güvenlik ...

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Turkish Airlines Luggage Piece Concept
Turkish Airlines is changing its baggage allowance concept from KG, to PIECE CONCEPT on all International flights.For tickets issued as of 01 MAY 2017, for flights which travel begins from 01 JULY 2017 baggage allowance and excess baggage fees apply according to the PIECE CONCEPT rules.For tickets i ...

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Right Holidays’ten kültür sanata büyük destek
Güney Londra Dayanışma Derneği tarafından düzenlenen ve Londra’daki birçok firmanın katkılarıyla gerçekleştirilecek olan ‘Barış Kardeşlik ve Demokrasi Şöleni’nin hazırlıkları hızla devam ediyor’Dernek Eş Başkanı ve Koordinatörü Goksal Va ...

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Uçak Biletlerinizi Şimdiden Alın
İngiltere’nin köklü seyahat acentelerinden Right Holidays, Londra’daki hizmet ağını genişletiyorRight Holidays 10. yılında 2. Şubesini Kuzey Londra’nın Haringey bölgesi’nde hizmete açtı. Modern geniş ofisiyle Haringey’de hizmet vermeye başlayan Rig ...

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