Best Christmas Gifts for Travel Lovers

Best Christmas Gifts for Travel Lovers

Christmas is just around the corner and 2021 promises to be the year of travel already. Since the pandemic has entered our lives, we have been apart from loved ones even during Christmas. So while lockdowns don’t seem to be making a comeback, why not treat our favourite traveller relatives to some gifts?

Here’s a list of ideas for Christmas gifts for travel lovers.

Best Christmas Gifts under £200


Good sunglasses with UV protection are expensive, but a must-have for travellers who especially like sunnier destinations. Why not show them how much you care about their style as much as their health with a pair?

GoPro Hero 7

What’s better than turning your best travelling memories into revisitable iconic videos and photos? Get your adventure seeker friend, brother, sister or significant other a GoPro camera so they can immortalise their best travel moments.

Best Christmas Gifts under £150

Noise Cancelling Headphones

For anyone who commutes, noise-cancelling headphones are the ultimate gifts. Taking them with you on a trip can only enhance your flight, train or bus ride.

Flight Tickets!

This is a tough one since knowing someone’s schedule is essential to gift them a holiday, but you could get changeable tickets that they can use anytime within the year to go anywhere they want. Even better, get a ticket for yourself too so you can go on an adventure together.

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Best Christmas Gifts under £100

A Rainproof Travel Backpack

You can get a great, durable travel backpack for under £100. Prices usually range from £30 to £100.

A Kindle

Kindle is the best gift for that techy bookworm who keeps carrying books around with them.

Comfortable Lightweight Sneakers

Walking loads is just part of travelling so comfortable and lightweight sneakers is a great gift for someone who packs light, and walks a lot.

Best Christmas Gifts under £50

A Portable Charger

An effective portable charger might not be the most romantic gift, but definitely one for the practical traveller. Whether they need it when they go hiking, or when they will be draining battery whilst searching for the best places to eat or just taking photos, the portable charger will be their lifesaver.

A Map Print

A high-quality map print, when framed, looks great at any home and some travellers may even enjoy pinning the destinations they have already visited like a treasure-hunter.

A Compass

We know it’s not the 11th century, but hear us out! A compass has a symbolic, meaning and is a great gift for those who appreciate vintage, antique, and unique gifts.

Best Christmas Gifts under £25

A Great Book About Travel

This can depend on the type of travel or holiday your chosen gift receiver likes. You can get them a classic like Into the Wild if they like going to remote destinations, or World Travel: An Irreverent Guide by Anthony Bourdain for a friend who likes eating what locals eat everywhere they travel.

Travel Guide

Have they always wanted to go somewhere and explore most of that country? Like Italy, Spain, Turkey... Or maybe they are ambitious and they want to explore a continent like South America. The best encouragement for them would be to get them a travel guide for their preferred destination.

A Travel Pillow

You can get a great travel pillow or neck cushion for that plane-sleeper friend who falls asleep right in the middle of you two watching a lighthearted plane movie.

A Reusable Water Bottle or Reusable Coffee Cup

The ultimate gift for the money-saver friend who hydrates a lot or enjoys tea or coffee a little bit too much, a reusable water bottle or coffee cup would come in handy.

A Notebook

Perhaps the most classic gift on our list, notebooks are always a great gift for friends who love noting things down and writing about their travels.

A Language Learning App Subscription

Do you know someone who just started learning a new language? Why not encourage them by getting them a language app subscription which would make their learning process even more fun.

That’s it! We hope we made it easier for you to find the best Christmas gift for your travel-loving relative, friend or colleague! Share our article with your friends to give those who are clueless when it comes to buying gifts a hand.


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