Cancelled Flights, Angry Holidaymakers: How Not to Book a Package Holiday in 2022

Cancelled Flights, Angry Holidaymakers: How Not to Book a Package Holiday in 2022

Holidaymakers received the bad news of their flights’ cancellation at Manchester Airport yesterday. Travel giant TUI cancelled almost 200 flights, along with thousands of package holidays. 

Speaking to the media, a TUI spokesperson announced that the company had to cancel six flights a day from Tuesday 31 May until Thursday 30 June because of their issues with check-in and baggage reclaim operations. 

The company is refunding their customers fully and offering holiday vouchers, yet it won’t be enough for their customers who took time off their job and organised their family or friends for the trip.

TUI also received criticism for announcing the cancellations through a police officer instead of their airline staff. Someone wrote on Instagram: “Since when was it the job of the police to pass on bad news on behalf of a business?” 

An Alternative to Buying Package Holidays from Big Companies

With the pandemic hitting the travel industry hard, no travel company has walked away scot-free. Yet perhaps the most affected were smaller businesses, as bigger companies and airlines benefited from government bailouts.

On the other hand, some continued to work harder than ever to provide their services. As Right Holidays, we managed to reunite our customers with their families in Turkey by arranging charter flights during the first year of the pandemic.

TUI’s failure with Manchester flights is not an uncommon problem when it comes to big online travel booking companies. Whereas local travel agents know your destination really well, advise you on your holiday plans, find you the cheapest deals, and provide you with great customer service throughout.

At the very least, working with your local agents would mean you will never learn about a cancelled flight at the airport.

We call travel lovers to work with travel agents who specialise in destinations. As your local travel agent in Green Lanes and Stoke Newington, Right Holidays specialises in holidays in Turkey and Cyprus. For summer 2022, we are offering exclusive package holiday deals in Bodrum and Antalya.


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