A Guide to Gulet Cruises in Turkey

A Guide to Gulet Cruises in Turkey

Ask anyone who lives near the Turquoise Coast in Turkey, and they have gone on a gulet cruise at least once in their life. Who can blame them? The summer heat, the wind breeze, and the sounds of waves… Relaxation guaranteed. 

If you are planning a trip to Turkey’s Turquoise Coast, read our gulet cruise guide.

What is a Gulet?

A gulet is a wooden sailing boat that is usually 15 to 35 metres long and features 4 to 8 cabins. Modern gulets originated from Bodrum and spread around the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts. Thanks to their compact size and practical amenities, they became popular among travellers who want to explore the Turquoise Coast by the sea. 

You can find gulet boats showing around up to 30 people at a time around Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Datça, Foça and more. 

Why go on a gulet cruise?

A better question would be “Why not go on a gulet cruise?”, followed by “You’d have to be crazy to not try it at least once”. Unless you’re scared of the open sea or swimming, gulet cruises are the best way to enjoy the sea. 

On a gulet cruise, you’ll usually travel around 3 to 5 hours every day and anchor somewhere close to a shore to swim or visit an island or ancient ruins. If you have a scuba diving license and equipment, you can dive or just snorkel around the sea. 

When you are not swimming or exploring the most beautiful coves of the Mediterranean, you can spend your time lounging on the deck and sunbathing and tasting fresh, delicious fruits, seafood and salads prepared by the crew.

Gulet cruises typically last for a week but you can find shorter trips too. Great value deals get booked up pretty quickly so it’s important to finalise your summer cruise plans around April or May. You don’t need a big group to fill up an entire gulet trip, you can join a gulet cruise with other travellers too. 

Since you will be spending all your time on the gulet, you won’t need to book additional transport, accommodation, or constantly try locating yourself on the map.

Types of cruises

Most captains follow similar routes when it comes cruises. The most famous one is “Blue Cruise” (Mavi Tur) which departs from Bodrum and explores the Gulf of Gokova. Some of them cruise along some Greek Islands too, but the prices usually get higher.

There are also various types of gulet and boat types for cruises, whether you want a more economical or a luxurious option.

Standard gulets 

Standard gulets have around 2 to 7 cabins, and their sizes range from 11.5 to 30 metres. Standard gulet prices start at anywhere between £200 to £1000 per person per week.

Luxury gulets 

Luxury gulets have around 5 to 10 cabins, and their sizes range from 28 to 37 metres.

Luxury gulets prices start at anywhere between £1000 to £3000 per person per week.


Catamaran is a luxurious type of boat with a wider body and better stability against waves and wind. Catamaran prices start anywhere between £450 to £3000 per person per week.


From smaller yachts to the most luxurious double-decker ones, yachts are usually comfortable and sleek with around 5 to 18 cabins. Their sizes range from 30 to 65 metres. Yacht prices start anywhere between £3,000 to £13,000 per week.

Gulet cruises are truly one of those memorable experiences that you will remember for a long time. That’s why it’s important to keep the seas clean and enjoyable for the next generation. When you go on a gulet trip, make sure to minimise the amount of plastic on board and wear environment-friendly sunscreen.

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