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Top Weekend Getaways from London for Nature Lovers

As summer passes by, travel lovers around the world are finding it difficult to stay put. However, Covid is unfortunately still a real threat. So, from the 4th of July, while everyone is rushing to the beaches, you can avoid the crowds by catching some sun in nature and strolling around the best English towns instead. That’s why we made a list of best weekend getaways from London for nature lovers. These destinations are close by and likely to be emptier than beach destinations. 

The UK Government’s Travel Advice 

The UK Government still advises against foreign travel, but domestic day-trips and overnight travel are allowed. From 4th of July, non-essential shops, restaurants, pubs, visitor attractions, hotels, B&Bs, Airbnbs and even hostels will open. If you want to escape London for a weekend with your family only or with your “support bubble” (another household you interact with, like friends or relatives who live closeby) you will be allowed to. 

A Relaxed Weekend Away in Rye 

Rye in East Sussex is a charming old town with cobbled streets and classically English atmosphere. Although popular landmarks such as the Lamb House, Rye Castle Museum, Camber Castle and the Parish Church of St. Mary might be closed, you can still stroll on Mermaid Street and visit the Camber Sands to fly a kite or just enjoy the sunset. 

A Tranquil Hiking Weekend in Wessex 

As the country’s best hiking destination Lake District has warned travelers not to head out to their county yet, Wessex is the perfect alternative for those who would like to camp, hike or cycle in nature. Head to North Wessex and escape from the city. You could walk alongside Kennet & Avon Canal, visit Avebury (a Neolithic henge monument site), and see the magnificent Highclere Castle or the Wilton Windmill. 

A (Hopefully) Sunny Escape to Norfolk 

Norfolk is known for its vast sandy beaches, which makes it a much better destination than Brighton or Bournemouth. Usually there is space for a family picnic or games on the beach even on the busiest summer day. If you’d rather spend time exploring the landscape, you can walk in the pine forests or postpone your travel until August so you can walk on salt marsh flats in a sea of lavender. 

A Serene Getaway in Somerset 

For the best representation of serene rural English countryside, head to Somerset. Whether you want to follow the Cider trail or make your own path through Somerset’s hills, caves and fields, you will enjoy exploring here. Make sure to visit the Cheddar Gorge and Wookey Hole Caves. Somerset is also the best cheese destination in England, as it’s the home of the Cheddar cheese. 

A Creative Weekend in Cotswolds 

This idyllic classic English town is full of cobblestone medieval houses worth photographing. You can spend your weekend exploring the small picturesque villages around Cotswolds, and hunt for filming locations. If you are an avid fantasy reader, head to Puzzlewood in Gloucestershire which is a forest that inspired both JR Tolkein and JK Rowling. 

A Weekend of Time Traveling in Yorkshire 

Yorkshire’s medieval ruins, Gothic cathedrals, Roman and Viking heritage take you back in time as if you are in a historical drama. This historic northern county is also a foodie destination. You can also visit Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley in York or if you want to avoid crowds, you can head to The Yorkshire Dales to see the Bolton Priory, Aysgarth Falls, and more. If you want to be adventurous, head to Malham Cove for rock climbing. 

A Short and Sweet Trip to Canterbury

Canterbury is only an hour and a half drive or train ride away from London. There are many medieval sites to see, and history lovers will love learning about the Roman and Celtic roots of the city. Perhaps you can go on a Historic River Tours, or just visit the Canterbury Castle, see the Canterbury Cathedral (which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and walk on the city walls on foot. Hedonists can head to the beach (provided they can still social distance) and enjoy a day in the sun. Nature lovers can choose one of the many hiking trails in Kent Downs. 

Always remember to adhere to social distancing rules and avoid big crowds. Make sure to carry your mask with you and interact closely only with your “support bubble” to stay safe. Follow the UK Government’s advice, be a mindful traveler.