What Does an ATOL Protected Holiday Mean?

What Does an ATOL Protected Holiday Mean?

What is an ATOL Cover? 

ATOL stands for Air Travel Organiser’s Licence and it is a financial protection scheme backed by the UK Government that protects most flight inclusive package holidays sold by UK travel companies. ATOL might protect some flight-only holidays as well, if you don’t receive a plane ticket right away. ATOL doesn’t apply if you booked your flights directly with scheduled airlines or with airline ticket agents. 

As Right Holidays, we are a proud ATOL holder (No. 10660). Genuine ATOL holder travel firms will have an ATOL logo with their membership number. Please make sure to check this before you book a package holiday with travel agents.

Check an ATOL 
How to Choose the Right Travel Agency

Travel companies t
hat hold an ATOL certificate pay a fee for every passenger to the Air Travel Trust, and in case any travel company you booked parts of your holiday with (whether it’s the hotel, flight or tour agents) ceases trading, your holiday is protected and you will either be fully refunded or a replacement will be found. 

What does an ATOL Certificate Cover? 

ATOL scheme protects you from financial losses in case any of the travel business you booked your holiday with ceases trading. It applies when you are already abroad as well, and it helps to minimise any disruption to your holiday. 

When you receive an ATOL certificate you are guaranteed: 

- Accommodation 

- Return flights to your country 

- Reimbursement in case a replacement for any ATOL protected part of your holiday costs more 

It’s important to note that an ATOL certificate is not a substitute for travel insurance, meaning flight delays, cancellations or medical expenses are not covered. 

How to make an ATOL Claim

When you book an ATOL protected holiday, you must receive an ATOL certificate. You will need to keep a digital or paper copy of this certificate while abroad. The certificate also provides guidance on what is covered and what to do in case you need to make an ATOL claim. 

In most cases, you will need the ATOL certificate, evidence of the booking, and evidence of payment for the trip. The Civil Aviation Authority says that under normal circumstances, they estimate it takes 28 working days from receipt of a completed claim to process payments. 

Each company is subject to a different claim process and this can be found on Civil Aviation Authority’s website

Why should you book your ATOL protected holidays with us? 

Right Holidays is a trusted travel agency operating since 2005. We have an excellent team of travel agents who are supportive, and accessible. In unusual circumstances, we work quickly and efficiently to solve your problems. 

We guarantee that any ATOL protected all-inclusive holiday you book with us is guaranteed to exceed your expectations. When things go wrong, we are just a phone call away to help however we can. You will never have to deal with airlines, finding flights or accommodation. 

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