Travel Guide to Turkey’s Black Sea Coast

Travel Guide to Turkey’s Black Sea Coast

Turkey’s Black Sea (or Karadeniz) Coast is where misty landscapes of monasteries, mountains and lakes meet the colourful village houses. People of Karadeniz have that strong Anatolian character and the music and cuisine to show for it. 

In Karadeniz, when you are tired from hiking along with the beautiful greenery, you can warm yourself up at a village house drinking the delicious red tea straight from the mountain’s tea plantations. 

However, Karadeniz doesn’t only boast its green nature, it is also a historic region; castles, churches, monasteries and mosques from the days of the kings of Pontus, the Genoese and the Ottomans are scattered across the area. 

As Right Holidays, we created the Dreaming in Black Sea Tour to take you to see all the greatest sceneries and places in the Black Sea coast of Turkey so you can reconnect with nature and history for 5 days. 

5 Must-see Places in Karadeniz 


Trabzon was founded as a Greek colony in the 8th century BC and it was home to many religions, languages and culture for centuries as it was located on the Silk Road. 

The Venetian and Genoese merchants used to sell silk, linen and woollen fabrics here during the medieval period. Trabzon’s medieval architecture and Pontic history provide amazing views, as the cuisine brings a totally different perspective to Turkish food. 

Sumela Monastery

About an hour away from Trabzon’s city centre, the famous Sumela Monastery is a Greek Orthodox monastery dedicated to the Virgin Mary that hangs off the mountains

It has been under renovation for the past couple of years but will be opening to the public again in 2020 and it is definitely an unforgettable place to visit. 

sumela monastry

Sumela Monastry


Surrounded by high rising mountains, Uzungöl is both a beautiful lake and today, a touristic village still retaining its natural beauty. 

The first settlement in the area dates back to the 17th century, when 12 non-Muslim families settled here. It rains all throughout the year in Uzungöl and Karadeniz, and in winter the snow covers the beautiful mountains and around the lake. 


Rize Province is the centre of Turkey's picturesque tea plantations. Tea was introduced here in the 1940s and has brought fortune to the small village. The red Turkish tea (hailed by the locals as "rabbit's blood") is a strong, black tea drank by Turks everywhere, every day (potentially, every hour). 

Ayder Yaylası

Ayder is an Alpine pasture in the Rize Province, where you can see all shades of green. The settlement in Ayder dates back to 1700s, and it was a popular hot spring and spa destination in the Ottoman era. 

There are also beautiful waterfalls in the area, and colourful flowers cover the yayla in spring. The region is also known for its honey production. 


Zilkale (“Bell Castle”) is a medieval castle in the Fırtına Valley ("Stormy Valley"), and it is a very important historical structure in the Rize Province of Turkey. It is surrounded by peaking mountains and looks like it could be from a fairytale. 

Built in the 14th or 15th century, the castle was used by the Ottoman military after they conquered the region. 

Şenyuva village 

This small authentic Turkish village is just below Zilkale with beautiful tiny houses, old stone arch bridges and untouched natural spaces. Şenyuva is one of those places that stops you in your tracks and takes your breath away. 

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