Top 10 Travel Destinations in Turkey

Top 10 Travel Destinations in Turkey

Turks are most well known for their hospitality so wherever you go in Turkey, you’ll be in good hands. Although the political climate paints an unstable picture, tourism is very important for Turkey’s economy and it’s not in a position to be jeopardised. So pack your bags and get ready for a trip to one of the handpicked destinations below!


Any travel guide for Turkey starts with Istanbul for good reason. Perhaps the first big cosmopolitan city, Istanbul was governed by Greeks, Romans and Venetians before Ottoman Empire took over. It continued to receive waves of immigration; Europeans, Armenians, and Jews came to do business in this energetic city. The beauty of this diversity is still apparent in the architecture, music, food and culture. You’ll fall in love with Istanbul in no time! 

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Antalya has long been a tourist favourite amongst travellers from around the world as well as Turkish people. On one hand; you have the clear blue sky, warm Mediterranean Sea, endless beaches where you can lie on the soft sand and enjoy the sun and on the other, holidays in Antalya can be much cheaper than Spain, Greece, France and other summer destinations. Antalya is also the birthplace of some of the oldest civilisations: Lycians. Some of the world’s most mesmerising views are seen hiking the Lycian Way where you can have a breather at the amazing, pristine beaches on your way. 

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Located on the West coast of Turkey, Izmir is the third biggest city in Turkey. It’s proximity to Greece presents similarities in the culture and just like Greeks, people of Izmir love to eat, soak in the sun and party. This laid-back city has been home to Greeks, Armenians, Jews, Levantines and Turks over the centuries but is now mainly populated by Turks and a small number of Jewish and Levantine people. Izmir’s beach destination is Çeşme, while history lovers could pass Izmir by on their way to Ephesus: an ancient Roman city that still demonstrates remains of Hellenistic, Roman Imperial and early Christian periods. You can also take a day trip to Pamukkale (“Cotton Castle”) from Ephesus and enjoy the world’s most beautiful natural spa filled with warm, mineral-rich waters. 


Another favourite city for beach holidays in Turkey is Muğla, which includes destinations such as Marmaris, Bodrum and Fethiye. Each has incredible things to offer holiday goers, with exceptional resorts ready to attend to every one of your needs. Read more on our Bodrum travel guide to find out about the best places to see and where to stay.


Cappadocia doesn’t need an introduction as 90% of Instagram’s travel bloggers have endlessly promoted this fairytale destination. The incredible topography of this region takes visitors to another world when people used to carve houses in rocks and build cities underground. Mount Nemrut Mount Nemrut presents hauntingly beautiful statues and a burial cone made during Antiochus I’s reign (69–34 B.C.) in the Hellenistic period, over a kingdom that was then called Commagene. The kingdom’s heritage traces back to Greek and Persian roots. Located in Nemrut Dağı Milli Parkı, Mount Nemrut is a great place to watch the sunrise and sunset. 

Black Sea Coast 

The Black Sea Coast in Turkey is known for its tea plantations, small villages and mountain pastures but it’s also been home to many different civilisations from Pontus, Genoese to the Ottomans. The Kaçkar Mountains, Sumela Monastery, fishing villages and Uzungöl are all worth a visit, especially in spring. 


Turkey’s gastronomy capital is Gaziantep, famous for its delicious pistachios. Almost all savoury and sweet dishes in Gaziantep have pistachios in them. You can eat the world’s best baklava and kebabs and try to burn the calories by visiting Zeugma Mosaic Museum (the world’s largest mosaic museum), Gaziantep Castle, Coppersmith Bazaar and by discovering the cities’ old stone houses. 


Another great gastronomy city is Bursa, known as the first capital city of the Ottoman Empire. Bursa is the fourth largest city in Turkey, and although it’s largely an industrial city, there is a lot of Ottoman history and Islamic heritage dating back almost six centuries. You can visit incredible old mosques and tombs but also choose to do a budget ski trip in Uludağ just outside of Bursa. 


Ankara is the bureaucratic capital of Turkey and a huge university town. Since a lot of foreign diplomats and students live in Ankara, the population is international. Ankara represents mainly the recent history of Turkey and founder of the Republic of Turkey Atatürk’s memory is very present everywhere in the city. Ankara also boasts a thriving live music and restaurant scene that are worth checking out. 

Wherever you travel in Turkey, you will surely receive a warm welcome, eat great food, witness incredible sights and places, enjoy new and old architecture as well as culture and learn about ancient Roman, Greek and Middle Eastern history. Book your holidays with Right Holidays today to benefit from all-inclusive deals and budget holidays in Turkey.


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