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Turkish Airlines Luggage Piece Concept

Turkish Airlines is changing its baggage allowance concept from KG, to PIECE CONCEPT on all International flights.

For tickets issued as of 01 MAY 2017, for flights which travel begins from 01 JULY 2017 baggage allowance and excess baggage fees apply according to the PIECE CONCEPT rules.

For tickets issued before 01 MAY 2017, the free baggage allowance and excess baggage fees will be according to the regulations valid on the ticketing date.

Free baggage allowances and excess fees have been structured as below. 

• The maximum size of a standard piece of baggage is 158cm / 62 inches (width+height+depth)

• Maximum weight for 1 x bag is 32kg.  Any bag heavier than 32kg cannot be accepted as 1 piece and therefore it must be separated into smaller pieces or carried as cargo.

• The following allowances will come in place as of 01 MAY 2017, for flights which begin from 01 JULY 2017

      - Baggage allowance applied in the Economy Cabin per piece = 23kg per piece

      - Baggage allowance applied in the Business Cabin per piece = 32kg per piece

• Baggage allowance for infants aged under 2 years includes 1 x 23kg per piece + 1 foldable baby stroller or buggy for all International flights for both Business and Economy class. 

  Maximum size of this baggage is 115cm / 45 inches (width+height+depth).

• Children aged 2 years and over will receive the same baggage allowance as an adult.

• Business Class cabin baggage allowance is 2 x 32kg. 

• Economy Class cabin baggage allowance is stated in your CRS system.

• PIECE CONCEPT is an approach which considers the allowed number of pieces that a passenger can bring.  For this reason, even if the total weight of the baggage does not exceed the    total free baggage allowance, but the total number of bags allowed is exceeded, excess charges will apply for the extra bag.

• If a passenger has the allocated pieces of luggage, however they exceed the weight allowance (for example carrying 32kg with a 23kg allowance) then they pay an overweight charge. 

• If a passengers hand luggage exceeds the given allowance or dimensions, the passenger will have to check the bag into the hold as checked – in baggage. 

  In this case if the passenger has exceeded their allowance they will be charged as an extra piece.

• Baggage that exceed the dimensions or given weight of their allowance will be charged an excess baggage fee.

• If a passenger would like to purchase an extra bag it is classed as an excess baggage charge. 

   Regardless if they are travelling in Business Class or Economy Class, the maximum they can purchase per piece is 23kg.  If a passenger has an extra bag which weighs between 23kg – 32kg they will be charged an excess baggage charge + an overweight charge.

• For Interline flights, rules for baggage allowance and excess baggage rules will remain unchanged.

• If a passenger has a stop-over in Istanbul for over 24 hours before carrying on their onward journey, the passenger will be subject to any excess charges during re-checking in at Istanbul.