Greece, land of the Gods... Warm for over 6 months, this country is famous for its unbelievable ancient history, rich culture, delicious food and soft yet cheerful folk music. Greece is truly a magical place, you can sit under open skies and feel the summer sun on your skin or find refuge under an olive tree's shadow. Or you can choose a path of adventure and go rock climbing or kite surfing to enjoy the world's most beautiful views. 

However you choose to spend your holidays, you'll find yourself indulging in the relaxing atmosphere, friendly faces and unique tastes of this country. With both mainland Greece and 20 Greek islands to choose from, there is a lot of destinations in Greece worth discovering.

You can go to Crete, and forget your troubles whilst lying on a beach and drinking your cocktail or party your way in Corfu's incredible nightlife with your friends. If you are travelling with your family, go to Rhodes to educate your children of the history and interesting mythology of the island.

Best Times to Visit Greece

The best time to visit Greece is between May to early October when the weather is warm and there’s not much rain. The sea gradually warms up and reaches its perfect degree for swimming in July, August, and September. 

However, Greek islands are most crowded and expensive throughout August. If you are going on holiday with your friends, the best time to go to Greek islands would be end of July or beginning of August since during these times the nightlife booms and some resorts are still affordable. Cheaper holidays in Greece can be booked early in the year or on off-season.

5 Things to do in Greece

Visit ancient Greek and Roman ruins to take a trip back in history

Try as much food as you can from souvlaki to calamari, fish and ouzo and of course, loukoumades

Enjoy incredible views at night in Santorini

Swim in endless blue sea in Corfu

Dance all night in Mykonos

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Popular Destinations in Greece


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