Between East and West, and home to both Greek and Roman history, Cyprus is truly a mysterious beautiful island. It is blessed with warm weather throughout the year but travellers prefer to visit from April onwards. The variety of activities allow families, friend groups or even solo travellers to enjoy  an amazing holiday experience. So whether you want to party or to relax with your friends or family, you’d be choosing the right destination if you choose Cyprus.

You can expect to eat delicious seafood and mezzes, lay around at a sandy beach all day and discover historic sites whenever you want. You can relax in fishing village Latchi, you can party at Ayia Napa or you can bring your family to beaches around Nissi Bay. There is always something new to do, try, eat or enjoy. Top landmarks in Cyprus include House of Dionysius in Paphos and Tombs of the Kings, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site dating back over 2300 years.

Holidays in Cyprus can truly become one of the best summer vacation experiences you ever had. Finding cheap flights or budget friendly all inclusive holidays might be difficult, so contact us as early as possible to get the best holiday deals in Cyprus. We work with the best hotels in Cyprus to make sure you can get the best out of this top travel destination.

Best Times to Visit Cyprus

Located on the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus is an island experiencing summer for almost over 6 months. Holidays in Cyprus are mainly popular from April up to October but it is better to avoid August as the heat is especially high. Surprisingly, the heat continues through September and even in October. If you are looking for an early summer holiday, May to mid-July will be the perfect time to visit Northern Cyprus.

4 Things to do in Cyprus

       Take your family or friends to hike the amazing Troodos Mountains

       Go swimming in Ayia Napa

       Dine on fresh Mediterranean cuisine and don’t forget to try desserts

       Visit the birthplace of Aphrodite & Tombs of the Kings

Top 6 Summer Destinations in Cyprus

•           Limassol

•           Paphos

•           Larnaca

•           Famagusta

•           Ayia Napa

•           Nissi Bay 

Why Should You Book Your Holiday with Right Holidays?

Right Holidays: We are an accredited travel agency operating since 2005 and our aim is to offer great quality for great prices. Our agents work with the best hotels in Cyprus to make sure our customers get the best out of their holidays. We offer exclusive holiday packages for families and groups and support our customers throughout their stay.

Popular Destinations in Cyprus


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