Thailand is an exotic destination joining jungles with white sanded beaches. Enjoy the vibrant city of Bangkok with incredible landmarks, countless street food markets and booming bar scene. Lose yourself in the warmth of sun in Phuket or explore the hills leading to Ayutthaya’s ruins and Chiang Mai’s meditative temples. 

The welcoming nature of Thai people make the experience even more special, they call it the Land of Smiles for good reason. Their food also contributes to the happiness; generous and rich flavours from spicy, sweet, salty to sour delight travellers. The natural beauties of Thailand are endless and unique. 

Best Times to Visit Thailand 

Travel to Thailand from December to May to avoid the cloudy weeks. It rains throughout July to October, and the best time to visit Thailand is December, January and February. The north of Thailand can be potentially colder but wearing a hoodie will usually do the job. If you are going for a beach holiday, plan your trip for December or at the end of February as the air is less humid while the sun is still shining. 

The monsoon season begins in July and lasts until the end of October so avoid these months if you want to flaunt your tan when you get back home. If you want a nice tan and not a sun burn, you should also avoid April and early May as Thailand gets too hot to handle. 

5 Things to do in Thailand 

Explore the streets of Bangkok 

Be amazed at the temple ruins of Ayutthaya 

Enjoy the world’s prettiest beaches in Railay or Phuket 

Take in Sukhothai’s history and learn about golden age of Thai civilisation 

Discover the natural beauties in Kanchanaburi

Popular Destinations in Thailand