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Holidays in Malta

A gorgeous Mediterranean dream, Malta is the gateway to incredible landscapes, prehistoric temples, old cities and a clear blue sea. You can see beautiful towers and fortifications, museums and churches at the capital city of Valletta. If you prefer to discover the nature, you can visit the islands of Gozo and Comino and explore hidden lagoons and caves. 

The sparkling blue sea and enchanting rural landscapes of Malta will make you fall in love with this archipelago of a country. Those who like water sports will enjoy being presented many options from kayaking, diving to surfing and jet-skiing. For laid-back travellers, the food and warm company will keep them happy throughout their stay in this brilliant sun kissed country. 

Although Malta is primarily Roman Catholic, it has stewed together a mix of cultures over the years. Maltese food is a mix of Sicilian and Middle Eastern cuisine, but it also uses local ingredients such as rabbit and honey. 

Best Times to Visit Malta 

Weather in Malta is usually pleasant and warm all year but can be a little rainy during autumn and winter. January is the coldest month when temperature drops to around 15°C. Malta starts warming up in April and May is probably the best month to visit Malta. 

During the peak season of summer from June, temperatures peak at their highest to around 30°C and the weather is dry. If you want to sunbath and feel the warmth in your bones, then book an early holiday to Malta for summer season. However, there is a shut-down in Malta during August, and some of the smaller family run restaurants and other businesses close for 2 weeks. 

5 Things to do in Malta  

Enjoy strolling around in Valetta and feel the history come alive 

Swim in Comino’s perfectly blue waters 

Discover the fascinating temples of Ħaġar Qim & Mnajdra 

Cliff dive in the fascinating St Peter's Pool 

Take in the diverse architecture of Mdina 

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