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Holidays in Italy

Italy is the country of warm people, incredible landscapes, inspiring art, architecture and cuisine, so naturally it offers the most beautiful and diverse destinations for travellers. Whether you want to get lost in a new, chaotic city life or get back in touch with nature, you can pick Italy to spend your holiday. Take over Rome and see the world famous landmarks like Colosseum and Sistine Chapel or Florence where you can travel back in time in its narrow streets. You can also visit one of the most unique cities in the world; Venice, and fall in love in its romantic atmosphere. 

If you are a nature lover, don’t pass on a chance to see the amazing Amalfi Coast, the hills of Tuscany, or the clear sea in Sicily. Amalfi Coast is deemed World Heritage by UNESCO for good reason, from its spectacular views to its beaches and mountains, it’s an extremely special destination. Going South, Sicily is the mysterious Italian island peppered with Roman and Greek history and its current residents offer the best of Mediterranean food. Further away from the two is Tuscany, where you can tour vineyards and drink organic Italian wine while you enjoy authentic Italian food. 

Best Times to Visit Italy 

Italy is a top tourist destination throughout the year but cheap tickets to Italy are not difficult to find. The cities are expensive, however booking early and avoiding national days, festival season or holidays can drive the prices down. The weather is warm and clear through April, May, September, and October. 

If you are planning a summer holiday, we’d advise you to book early for June. Although Italy’s coasts get crowded in June, they are still a treat. August is vacation month in Italy, so you can get unbelievable deals in hotels and flights but be aware that most businesses will be closed and locals will have gone on holidays. 

5 Things to do in Italy 

Eat until you can’t anymore 

Try a local wine at a wine bar or enjoy a negroni 

Watch the sunset over the sea 

Have an espresso in the morning 

Discover fashion, art, and architecture at their best 

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