Czech Republic

In the heart of Central Europe, the Czech Republic is home to mesmerising medieval and Gothic architecture, a booming gourmet food scene and vibrant night life. The popular European city Prague easily steals any city-lovers heart with its diverse culture, food and art. However, those looking to escape the city life can head over to southern Bohemia to see the incredible medieval towns, or spa resorts in the West. 

History loving adventurers can truly immerse themselves in the countryside as hundreds of castles and chateaux will be surrounding them. The country also produces flavourful wine and beer, offering tasting tours for new taste seekers. 

Best Times to Visit Czech Republic 

The best time to visit Czech Republic is late spring or early fall. Around these times the weather is sunny or partly sunny and warm (20°C or more). For hotter weather, travellers should choose July and August, however these are the busiest times especially in the cities. Late spring and early fall are the best times to visit Czech Republic if you want to keep away from the tourist crowd. 

Although ticket prices go up considerably, travellers can also choose to visit Czech Republic during Christmas when it is covered with snow. It is a traditional country and snow definitely adds authenticity to the old soul of Czech cities. 

5 Things to do in Czech Republic 

Visit beautiful castles, churches and cathedrals and take in the Gothic architecture 

Take a trip to Cesky Krumlov and discover a small old town 

Join a Czech beer and food tour

Visit the Wenceslas Square 

If you are feeling adventurous, get a day trip to Switzerland National Park to witness nature at its best 

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